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Restaurant & Food Service

While not often thought of as a high-hazard industry, the foodservice industry does include many hazards that expose restaurant employees to injury and create higher workers' compensation costs for owners. Common exposures include cuts, burns, slips and falls, as well as workplace violence incidents. Injury prevention is especially critical in the restaurant industry because it doesn't take much in claims costs to jeopardize restaurants' status for BWC rating programs such as group rating.

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Carbon Monoxide

Start Safe, End Safe

Back Injury Prevention

Snow and ice walking working surfaces – End of season considerations

Effective Safety Talks

Optimizing Vision

Important Changes to OSHA’s Recordkeeping Rule

PPE Hazard Assessment & OSHA’s Hierarchy of Action

OSHA Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Importance of the Supervisor in Your Safety Program

Emergency Eyewash & Shower Units

OSHA Mandated PPE Hazard Assessment

Behavior Based Safety Considerations

Creating Safer Restaurant & Retail

Top Ten Safety Tips for the Restaurant Employee

Safety Resources & Information

Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter FY19

BWC’s FY_CY19 Guidelines for Group Rating Training

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